Custom Wine Racks

Custom Wine Racks


In addition to our modular sets, InVinity also offers custom metal wine racks in accordance with specific criteria regarding height, display style and bottle capacity for both our Inspire and Premier lines.


Customized InVinity products are available through direct sales, Wine Trend, Inc. and other recommended vendors.



InVinity can custom produce any height post, whether through a combination of the 3’, 4’ and 8’ posts, or by adjusting the posts for a different length. For example, for a height of 11ft, an 8ft and 3ft post can be assembled together, or a post can be adjusted for a height of 6’. In each instance, parts are interchangeable and can be used to create up to 90 different configurations using the same post.


Style & Bottle Capacity

One display can also feature a combination of display styles when it comes to the free standing posts, for both Inspire and Premier products. Furthermore, combinations for bottle capacity are also available, so various racks can be ordered to stack bottles in different depths per row.



In addition to the standard brushed stainless steel, brushed bronze and black matte finishes, InVinity also offers customized finishes upon special order for Inspire products, including:


  • Contemporary
  • Contemporary mixed with wood
  • Brushed stainless steel mixed with wood