Vamping Up Versatility

_MG_1354RRTBIt is such an exciting time for us here at InVinity, because we are expanding our product line. I couldn’t happier to announce the launch of our exclusive Premier Line, a free standing wine racking system that comes in an exquisite brushed stainless steel finish. With Premier, you get the most out of your wine racking system, with customizable bottle capacity as well as display styles in a single wine rack.


Living up to our motto of combining innovation with versatility, Premier features three different post heights – 3′, 4′, 8′ – as well as different bracket widths of 1′, 2′ and 3′, each of which can come in either single, double or triple deep bottle capacity. Different styles are easily self-assembled on site. With just one post and bracket, a multitude of variations can be created in accordance with certain design specifications, with the option to customize further if requested.


Another exclusive feature of Premier is the Angle view units, which allow for bottles to be displayed upright at an angle, either all the way up the post, or as part of a combination. Our Premier products are truly unique and allow for interchangeable post heights and display styles to create inimitable combinations. Furthermore, the ease of assembly means that one can restyle combinations whenever they like, creating a new display with the same system without having to purchase new racks.


One of the main reasons I am so enthusiastic about the launch of InVinity Premier is because, now, we are able to fully meet the demands of interior designers and F&B managers by providing the increased design options they’ve been asking for.


Please visit our website,, or call us at 855-378-1004 for more information. We look forward to answering all your questions about this amazing new project.



By Paul Koder, Founder/CEO of InVinity