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We Are InVinity: Combining Innovation & Versatility

InVinity is a unique product in self-assembled and custom wall mounted and free standing wine racks bringing monumental change to the wine storage industry. We have three Diverse lines of design patented racking systems that are like no other on the market: Inspire, Premier, and Distinct.  Each system allows for multiple possibilities when it comes to design, style, functionality, and bottle capacity.  With InVinity anyone can attain a touch of luxury by displaying and showcasing their wine with elegance and unsurpassed functionality.

We invite you to explore the next generation in the world of versatile wine displays, perfect for interior designers, architects and food consultant specialists in the hospitality and real estate sectors.


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Browse among our exclusive line of Free Standing (floor-to-ceiling) wine racks that come in Brushed Stainless Steel or Black Satin FInishes.  The system comes in four different post heights (3′, 4′, 8′ and custom heights) as well as three different bracket lengths (1′, 2′, or 3′ rods).  Each racking system comes in either single, double or triple deep bottle options.  Premier comes with three different display styles:  Standard (single, double, and triple), Angle View, and Combination (single, double, and triple).  As a free standing column, Premier was designed to be minimal, but InVinity went beyond that when expanding to longer runs by designing the racks to mount back to back with the same gardware on the vertical posts making the continuous run of racking seamless.

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Inspire wall and floor


Select any of our beautifully crafted Inspire products, which include both wall mounted and free standing systems that come in a Brushed Stainless Steel, Brushed Bronze, or Black Satin finish. Wall mounted units come in post heights of 3’ and 4’, with two different display styles:  Standard (single, double and triple) and Zipper (single, double, triple). Free standing (floor-to-ceiling) units come in heights of 3’, 4’, 8’, and custom height with four different display styles:  Spiral (single, double, triple), Alternate (single, double, triple), Combination (single, double, and triple), and Standard (single/single, single/double, single/triple).  Styles can be combined for one of a kind creations.

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Custom Wine Racks

In addition to our modular sets, InVinity also offers custom metal wine racks in accordance with specific criteria regarding height, display style, bottle capacity and finishes.

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With Distinct Line, you can display your wine bottles using clear and polished acrylic shelving to give a seamless look and floating feel of the displayed wine bottles. Display wine bottles on standard 4 bottle shelf, 5 bottle shelf, angle, and combination.

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InVinity Wine Rack is here to provide you with more information, answer any questions you may have and create an effective solution for your design needs.


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