The Great Porsche Puzzle

The Great Porsche Puzzle

Blog 2 June 2016

Rendering showing all three puzzle parts

For the past few weeks, we have been busy working diligently on creating an ambitious tour de force wine display. It has not been easy, but we never back down from a challenge. The task was to build a free standing, 16 foot wine display consisting entirely of InVinity custom wine drawers with a complete mirror finish to be installed at the ultra-luxurious Porsche Design Tower in Sunny Isles, Florida.


Catering specifically to car aficionados with a certain love for the finer things in life, each apartment lists for between $7 million to over $30 million. So, it goes without saying that with such a hefty price tag per residence, the wine room had to impress.


The first obstacle to tackle was creating a 16ft, free standing unit that was structurally sound. How can this be done? Well, no one said that creating a master piece is easy, and this project was no different.



The steel pieces of the base before the finish

To accommodate the ambitious design, we thought of a massive puzzle, with each piece coming together to form a complete wine display of InVinity’s unique pullout drawers. The first piece was the base: a steel foundation that is entirely covered in an exclusive mirror finish. The next piece is the center piece, each of which is connected via a ladder-like vertical column. You then have the have top section. We finish off by cladding the entire display in the mirror finish.


And, voila! With three separate pieces, we created a single controlled wine environment that meets the challenging specifications of the clients and stores wine at the optimal temperature.


Blog June 2016

Rendering of custom InVinity drawers

The whole display consists of custom InVinity drawers that were specially designed for this project. The total bottle capacity amounts to a whopping 10,000.


It will be a few more weeks before the installation is complete, so until then, I invite you to learn more about our exclusive custom wine drawers by clicking here. Cheers!




By Paul Koder, Founder/CEO InVinity